Monday, 6 March 2017

Collecting the Paper

We could have a paper delivered each day with the post van but, to prevent our becoming too lazy, we make a principle of collecting it from the shop. Usually we walk down the road, visible in this picture running just beyond the houses, with the shop at centre left, but today, with the sun out, we took the high road, following the common grazings fence along the back of the croft lands.

There's always something to see. This pool, which looks as if it has been developed as a source of water, perhaps for one of the houses below it in the times when there was no mains supply, may look mucky but the water is crystal clear.

The frogs have made use of the slime around its edges to lay a neat circle of eggs, the first spawn we've seen this year.

Nearby, the hillside turf has been very very efficiently dug over, we suspect by an errant Ormsaigbeg pig. What a privileged pig, that it could enjoy its meal with a view like this.

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  1. What a great view,looking forward to seeing it ourselves next week,can you just hold on to that lovely weather.