Saturday, 14 January 2017


I was phoned this morning by an eminent member of the Portuairk community to inform me that the sun had just risen at the centre of the universe for the first time this year. It was, he admitted, two days late, as it usually first rises there on the day of the old new year, 12th January, but the event had been delayed by low cloud and snow.

I feel that an apology is due as it had been my expressed opinion that the centre of the universe spent several months of its winter in utter darkness, unlike Ormsaigbeg which has the privilege of watching superb sunrises like this morning's on almost every day of the year.

A little later, the Newry fishing boat Havilah N200, as always in the company of the Stephanie M, came up the Sound through the low-angled light, passing the lighthouse at Rubha nan Gall.

We spent part of the morning sitting on the end of the small headland below the house in the hope of seeing otters, sea eagles and dolphins in the still waters of the bay but had to make do with....

....a friendly dunnock and....

....a very chatty house sparrow.

Spotting the unusual is very exciting but there are times when it's good to remind oneself that there is also great beauty in the very ordinary.

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  1. Walking past a bush full of House Sparrows at a business meeting never fails to brighten my day.