Friday, 6 January 2017

New Year Sunrises

We've had some spectacular sunrises since the start of the new year, though none of them gave way to one of the bright, sunny winter days that we've been hoping for. This picture looks down the Sound of Mull to Rubha nan Gall lighthouse and Beinn Tallaidh on Mull.

From the point of view of the small birds, anything is better than the driving hail and rain we had over Christmas. This is a blue tit on one of our far-too-well-stocked peanut feeders.

Wednesday's sunrise was obscured by a mixture of cloud and contrails but the sun broke through....

....for just enough time to pick out this 'plane.

Yesterday's sunrise over Drimnin came after a cold, clear night which brought us a ground frost and slippery conditions on the road out of the village, particularly for the lady who did the early run to pick up the community's newspapers, bread and milk.

By this morning we were back to normal winter weather, with hardly a breath of wind, low cloud obscuring the Sound, and a steady, vertical downpour, the sort of conditions....

....which are depressing even for a man confined in a field with a dozen or so ladies all awaiting his attentions.

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