Thursday, 5 January 2017

Fish Farm Lorry's Misadventure

Kilchoan Early Bird writes, "This fish farm lorry took a wrong turn and went too far, ending up at the lighthouse last night.

"As there is no turning area for such a big lorry he tried reversing back along the road but ended up skidding on ice and into the ditch.

"Some of the fish are now unloaded and an attempt will be made to move it soon."

Many thanks to Kilchoan Early Bird for pictures & story.


  1. From a safety point of for all drivers & locals would it not be an idea to have a sign as to where the fishfarm traffic should go.

    1. My boss told me to head to Ardnamurchan point. Not Fishfarm fault.

  2. Oh that brings back memories of my days on a fish farm in kishorn.A lorry with 12 tubs of iced fish after a harvest ended up in a ditch. We worked through the night and handballed dead salmon into spare tubs before the wagon could be recovered. N ot a great way for a 22 yr old to spend his friday nights.