Friday, 13 January 2017

Lysblink Seaways Update

Usually, ships proceeding north up the Sound of Mull have a waypoint near the Red Rocks Buoy where they make a turn to port to exit the northern Sound of Mull. Mid-afternoon yesterday, we had a sudden reminder of the Lysblink Seaways when the Eastern Vanquish failed to make the turn and continued towards Maclean's Nose.

In fact she seems to have been seeking shelter for the night from what has been a fairly strong northerly, and she remains anchored under the lee of Ben Hiant this morning. She's a British general cargo ship, 2,281grt, launched in 2012 and en route to Eikefet in Norway, where she's due today. She's in ballast, so it may be that her master is waiting to round the north of Scotland, where conditions are poor, but it's unusual for a modern ship to waste time like this.

This picture shows the Lysblink Seaways as she was towed away to the breakers yard in February 2015. Many thanks to Iain McAllister - website here - for keeping us up-to-date with her continuing sad saga. At present she's being broken up in the Donny Bruce boatyard at Rosneath - picture here - but Iain also reports that last year a young man who shouldn't have been aboard fell into the hold and died from his injuries - report here.

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  1. The Eastern Vanquish went on her way at around 2.30 yesterday afternoon.