Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Calor Clean-Up

It rapidly became apparent after yesterday's accident in which a Calor tanker left the Sanna road and ended up on its side in the ditch that, while the gas remaining in the tank seemed safe enough, diesel was pouring out of a ruptured fuel tank. The diesel can be seen on the water surface at bottom right of Sue Cheadle's picture.

As Sharon MacLachlan's picture clearly shows, large amounts of diesel was soon visible some distance downstream, in the Millburn near the bridge by the fire station.

Although the Calor Gas office was informed of the accident the fire brigade was not called out. The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency was also informed but stated that, because the spill would not enter the local water supply, and it was rather late in the day, no-one would be despatched to carry out and inspection.

The greatest concern was that various farm animals, and two horses, graze fields which have access to the burn, and one drink of diesel-contaminated water can be fatal.

Fortunately, a local business has all the equipment to deal with an oil spill and the job was completed this morning. All that remains is for Calor to make an estimated £300-worth of repairs to the road and to mend Hughie's fence: well, we can't have his pigs running amok around Kilchoan.

Many thanks to Sue and Sharon for pictures.

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