Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Northwesterly Storm

As  Kilchoan Early Bird's picture of Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse shows, a gale has been blowing out of the northwest for most of last night and today, a bitter wind which brings heavy hail showers. The power went off shortly after five this morning, came back on briefly around breakfast time, and then went off again until midday.

We noticed by-the-wind sailors on Sanna beach at the weekend but, as Kilchoan Early Bird found, this latest gale has brought more in, and some cuttlefish, but....

....the numbers of by-the-wind sailors runs into thousands. They may be no connection but on the news this morning people on Orkney were reporting hundreds of skate egg cases being washed up there.

Instead of enjoying the beach, we had to drive to Fort William for a flying visit this afternoon, travelling along the sheltered south coast and passing the two local creel boats in Port na Croisg where hardly a ripple troubled the loch's surface.

By the time we came back through Glenborrodale the sun was going down behind Drimnin, back-lighting one of the passing hail storms.

With the light fading and herds of hinds coming down from the high land to graze overnight in the sheltered lands around Camas nan Geall and the Basin, we had to drive cautiously. Deer always find themselves on the wrong side of the road with a passionate determination to cross in front of the car, which they do suddenly and at speed.

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