Sunday, 22 January 2017

Beinn Dubh

The weather doesn't seem capable of remaining sunny for more than a day at a time so we woke to low cloud across the hilltops and a light rain. Looking for a walk which kept us at lower levels we took the Achosnich school house track and then branched off onto....

....the old path that the Achnaha and Glendrian children used to follow to school, which passes through the gap called Bealach Ruadh.

The ridge to the left of the track is Beinn Dubh, the black hill, one of those unassuming hills which hardly seems worth the trouble of climbing but, as is so often true, the unassuming hides surprises.

With the weather looking marginally better we decided to climb to the ridge which, as soon as one reaches the ridge line, starts to give some superb views even on a misty day, this one southeastwards to Beinn na h-Imeilte on the right and through to Kilchoan.

To the east lies the circle formed by the Ardnamurchan volcanic ring dykes with the township of Achnaha at their centre and, to the left of Achnaha, Glendrian Moss, the area of land drained by Sir Alexander Murray in the eighteenth century.

To reach the summit of the ridge one works one's way northwestwards, with Portuairk away to the left and, once one reaches the summit cairn....

....the whole of Sanna with its multiple beaches is laid out below.

This is one of western Ardnamurchan's best walks for anyone who enjoys panoramic views but has only a couple of hours to spare.

Map courtesy Bing Maps.

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