Monday, 13 June 2016

Warblers and Orchids

Willow warbler parents suffer every bit as badly as human parents from the idiocies of their children. Normally very shy birds, this careworn individual kept flipping around the topmost branches of a thicket close to the Ormsaigbeg road, cheap-cheaping as if it wanted to attract my attention.

It didn't want me but its three almost-adult children, who were playing in the shrubbery below it completely ignoring my approach. Like all youngsters....

....they were having a fine time, probably enjoying the warbler version of hide-and-seek amongst the leaves. Even the parent's enticing mouthful of flies and caterpillars made no difference.

I'm struggling to catch up on all the changes that have occurred in the countryside during the four weeks we've been away. Just before our departure we found a surprisingly early heath spotted orchid in the hills of the Kilchoan common grazings - see post here - but since returning I haven't found one along the roadside in Ormsaigbeg. However, the spectacular northern marsh orchids (above) are in full flower in the damp area between the Ferry Stores and the tideline.

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