Saturday, 11 June 2016

Down to Earth

Flights from the UK to western Canada and northwest USA often pass almost directly over Ardnamurchan, so we're always on the lookout for a sight of the peninsula. On this visit across the pond via Iceland, cloud prevented us from seeing much on the way out but on the return we passed over what looked like a Caribbean island. This picture shows the southwest end of Coll with the islet of Gunna at top centre, Feall Bay at right, and Crossapol Bay to the left.

May isn't the best month to be away, particularly a May which has had the perfect combination of sunshine and rain to encourage almost fearsome growth. While the fruit and vegetables had been well cared for, the grass between the beds resembled a hay meadow. Cutting it back revealed the first strawberries on the point of ripening and....

....gooseberries which, while the fruit is coming on well, had had a visit from a small army of gooseberry sawfly larvae which had stripped the leaves off one of the bushes.

With a seven-hour time difference between Edmonton and the UK, we're struggling both with lack of sleep as the sun never set on the 'overnight' return flight over the Canadian tundra and the icefields of Greenland, and with jet lag. Brainless hacking at overgrown vegetation to a cheerful serenade from our local robin is about as much as we're good for.

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