Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Pig News

Whenever we return after a time away we ask around the village for all the news and are invariably told that nothing much happened. At least this time we had everyone tell us what beautiful weather we'd missed, and Hughie went further, getting out his super smart mobile 'phone and showing me pictures of his family kayaking off the lighthouse in mirror-calm conditions, which was interesting as, until now, I've only ever seen Hughie in a boat with a very big engine.

Then he began talking about the other things that had happened - mostly to do with pigs. For a start, it was one of his hogs which was roasted at the very successful public event to mark the opening of Mingary Castle as a top-end letting property, which took place on another wonderfully sunny day. See here for the castle's website.

As I understand it, Hughie's pigs may also be indirectly responsible for this little mishap, which occurred just by the entrance to his croft. At the moment he has ten and a half very pretty little piglets in the field on the left, the half being a runt, and visitors have been stopping to take pictures of them - for such is the fame of Hughie's pigs. Either the oil tanker driver was distracted by the piglets, or an oncoming driver lost his concentration causing the tanker to swerve, but either way the tanker ended up in the ditch, from which it took several hours to extract, not least because the tow truck sent to pull it out broke down.

Many thanks to Hughie for pictures and stories.

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