Sunday, 12 June 2016

Readers' Pictures

Many thanks to those readers who sent in photographs which, in the normal way, would have been published upon receipt. Regrettably, I don't use the iPad with which I travel to compose blog posts, so the pictures have accumulated, but they do give a flavour of what's been happening during our absence.

Following Diane Todd's picture of a mink at Plocaig - here - Brian Culcheth has sent a picture of a mink also taken near Plocaig and has suggested that traps should be set to collect a few of them.

With the coming of warm weather, the adders are beginning to appear. This picture, taken in his garden from far too great a distance, comes from Richard O'Connor, who has named this beautiful creature Jeremy Hunt.

Oliver Culcheth was visiting during late May and early June and seems to have enjoyed some of the best of the weather. He's seen here looking across the Sound towards Mull.

Oliver also spent a night camping near Glendrian Caves, where he came across a skeleton of what he thinks was a pilot whale.

Dominic Cooper found the same remains and suggests they might be from a dolphin. Perhaps a reader can help identify them.

Tony Kidd's picture, taken on Wednesday from the Sanna road, shows haar flowing over Meall Sanna and Beinn na h-lmeilte towards Achnaha.

Finally, this is another picture from Oliver Culcheth, of a sunset taken from Sanna.

Many thanks to Brian, Oliver, Dominic, Richard and Tony for the pictures,
with apologies for the delay in publishing them.

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  1. Dominic tells me that the skeleton has now been confirmed as Globicephala melas, the long-finned pilot whale. Jon