Thursday, 16 June 2016

Producers' Market

These pictures come from Gael Cameron and give an idea of the wide range of goods that were available at the first producers' market on 5th June.  The second one....

....will take place on Sunday 26th June between 11.00am and 1.00pm in the Community Centre, and the range of stalls is expected to be even greater than at the last one.

As well as freshly-baked bread, and fresh vegetables from the Community Garden, fresh fish was brought across by the Tobermory Fish Company. I was also sent a picture of some beautifully packaged pork but, since I suspect it was Hughie's and probably came from one of the dear little piglets people have been cooing about, I refrained from including the picture.

A wide range of local crafts were also available and sales were brisk - though, with the holiday season coming up, the number of customers will increase as visitors hear about the market.

To book a stall at £7.50 for the two hours, contact Geoffrey Campbell at or Sharon MacLachlan at and there's a Facebook page - search 'Kilchoan Producers' Market'.

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  1. The local produce looks great. Staying in Portuairk that week so will pop along. Thanks for the heads up.