Sunday, 19 June 2016

Bird & Bug

Many thanks to Les Humphries for these pictures. The first is of a warbler which I think may be a willow warbler, but I have never before seen what Les describes as its 'yellow short trousers'.

Les found the hover fly 'quite photogenic'. It certainly looks as if it's enjoying the experience, but....

....has anyone any idea what species it is?


  1. The horse fly is one of the Tabanus genera, though which one, I am uncertain. It is a male as the eyes meet at the top (the female has a gap between them) and has very small mouth parts due to only the females being the ones which bite.

  2. bird has willow warbler eyebrows

  3. Many thanks, Derryck and Anon, for the identifications. I thought all horse flies bit. jon