Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Many thanks to Diane Todd for this picture of a mink she saw while walking at Plocaig.

In some ways I'm sad to see it as we've come across far fewer mink recently, partly because some effort has gone in to trying to eradicate them.


  1. Nasty little non indigenous critters spells doom for all small native mammals and birdlife. They have decimated the natural wildlife in many areas of the south. No natural predator down here with the possible exception maybe buzzards. I hate killing any wild life, but have no problems with this on - trap/poison/kill at any opportunity.

  2. We were very lucky to have a pair of Pine Martyns visit us each night back at Easter down in Glen Borrowdale. On this theme there was a very interesting item on BBCs Springwatch the other night re the reintroduction of the Pine Martyn into England/Wales. Apparently these beautiful and native mustelids predate on squirrels - grey ones who spend the majority of their time foraging on the forest floor. Where possible this has a positive outcome for the native red squirrel, who spends far more time high up in the tree canopy outside the range of the Pine Martyn. Win win situation. Let's encourage more re introduction programs for both animals.