Thursday, 23 June 2016

Mingary Pier

 The Lady of Avenel was still moored against the CalMac jetty this afternoon. Her passengers caused some interest in the village yesterday evening by coming ashore to indulge in the sport of paramotoring - paragliding but with a motor to lift into the air. The Raptor was very excited - perhaps he mistook them for birds - but a Pier Road resident complained that she hadn't been able to enjoy her usual hours of beauty sleep because of the irritating noise.

Seen at bottom right is a new feature in the bay beside the slipway....

....a fine new pontoon being installed by the Marine Harvest staff at the Maclean's Nose fish farm. At present it has a notice slung across its shore end with the very firm message 'Authorised Marine Harvest Personnel Only'.

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  1. It was always known as Mingary pier, never Kilchoan jetty.Sorry, or a CalMac jetty.