Saturday, 2 April 2016

The Ardnamurchan History & Heritage Association

For over two years the small, informal group calling itself Ardnamurchan Community Archaeology has located and described some 120 archaeological sites, many of them not previously recorded, such as the Bronze Age hut circle at Eilagadale, above, and....

....Erikson's Cairn, a 6,000 year old Neolithic burial site.

ACA has benefitted from training by officers from Archaeology Scotland and has joined Archaeology Scotland's 'Adopt a Monument' scheme, its activities being centred on St Comghan's church in Kilchoan and at Camas nan Geall....

....where it is working to preserve the graveyard and make it more accessible.

At its last meeting, and encouraged by the success of the Learning Centre's 'conversation' with Alastair MacColl and Mary Khan, in which they remembered their younger days on the peninsula, ACA decided to formalise the group and widen its activities. It plans to include things like collecting, cataloguing and displaying historical materials and artefacts such as....

....this Bronze Age flint arrowhead found near Loch Mudle and presented to the community, interviewing and recording the memories of local people, researching the history of Ardnamurchan, and publicising everything by building and maintaining a website.  Members also want to increase the number of talks and field trips that are run for visitors and young people and, with 'ancestral tourism' such big business, wish to help those who come from overseas to visit places associated with their families.

An inaugural meeting of the new group will take place on Wednesday 13th April at 7pm in the Kilchoan Learning Centre. A draft constitution, which will enable the group to open a bank account and apply for grants, will be discussed, amended and adopted, and officers elected. The proposed name of the group is the Ardnamurchan History & Heritage Association.

Everyone is welcome at the meeting. If you can't attend, but would like to receive emails about the group's activities, please contact me at

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