Sunday, 10 April 2016


Exercise Joint Warrior is scheduled to start today but three of these helicopters, tentatively identified as Royal Navy Merlins, flew across Ben Hiant yesterday afternoon heading north.

Today while out walking we stopped to watch three big skeins of geese, also heading north. This one contained upwards of a hundred individuals.

It's difficult to identify the species but I'll take a chance on them being greylags. And, yes, we're enjoying some blue sky.

Also passing through, in this case our garden, was this peacock. It stopped long enough to snack on an aubretia which is just coming into flower. It's not the first butterfly of the year - we saw three during the last sudden burst of early summer back in mid-March - but it was out on a beautifully sunny afternoon, with the temperature a warm 17C.


  1. I saw a skein too, the largest one I have seen on the West coast, they were over Achateny heading towards Rhum when I saw them.
    Ritchie Dinnes

  2. Judging by their darker heads, the geese are more likely to be Pink-footed Geese, heading back to Iceland.