Friday, 8 April 2016

BT - A Chance to Press for an Improved Service

Most of us have had problems with our telephone lines, or with getting a line at all. Lightning strikes have damaged and destroyed equipment such a routers. Engineers make appointments to carry out repairs and then don't turn up. Broadband speeds are dismally low in places - talk to the residents of Glenborrodale or Swordle - or fluctuate wildly.

Now we have a chance to have our complaints heard. Gayle Cameron, Secretary of our Community Council, has been in touch with local Highland Councillor Andrew Baxter, who is now spearheading a campaign to get some real improvement in BT services.

Andrew writes, "I have contacted Mr. Brendan Dick, Director of BT Scotland, about the various service issues experienced by residents across the peninsula. That was followed by a telephone call, where he agreed to my request to attend a public meeting to discuss these issues. He has asked if I could provide him with specific examples to illustrate the problems. Residents can email a summary of their own experience, along with telephone number and address, and I will collate these and forward. Once Mr. Dick has had an opportunity to look at these, we will arrange a meeting."

Now it's down to us. Andrew needs examples of the problems we've had by Friday 15th April. Please email them to Gayle at

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