Thursday, 14 April 2016

Signs of Spring

The wind has been in the northeast for the last few days, a chill breeze bringing a grey overcast, but today's sunrise across Kilchoan Bay promised something better, so by nine....

....the sun was out and the lambs were jumping on mum - not out of a sense of playfulness but because they wanted her to stand up so they could have breakfast.

To the east of Ben Hiant, along one of our favourite stretches of coastline, the gorse is in full bloom, and there were other firsts for the year on display, like....

....the first wood anemones alongside the lesser celandines which have been out - when the sun has been shining - for a few weeks now.

On one sunny hillside below Bourblaige we found these wild strawberry flowers. The first house martins have been seen on the north coast, and we've heard the first willow warblers. Once it has started, spring seems to accelerate.

The same yacht seen in the top photograph lay in the bay at Camas nan Geall when we passed. This is a beautiful bay at any time but there's something slightly special about a boat lying at anchor in its still waters.

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