Thursday, 28 April 2016

April Snow, and Settling

It's late April, and we're moving in to winter proper, with last night's temperatures dropping below 2C. Then, around six this morning, it started snowing seriously, and it hasn't stopped, big flakes floating down and, increasingly, settling.

By nine the landscape across the peninsula was white. This picture, of the lighthouse road near Grigadale, was taken by Kilchoan Early Bird, to whom many thanks.

The snow was creating Christmas conditions at Achnaha - picture courtesy Tony Thain.

The county gritter was sent down from Strontian first thing, without the plough as the driver had no idea how bad conditions were - the snow started at Glen More and Acharacle and Strontian are clear. There are now three to four inches lying on the road at the back of Ben Hiant. The driver managed to reach Kilchoan but had run out of grit, so he's gone back to Strontian for the plough and more grit.

The weather is bringing flocks of birds into the garden, some of which we haven't seen previously this year. This male redpoll looks pretty fed up with the weather.

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