Sunday, 21 September 2014

Three Colours of Scabious

Devils bit scabious is a common but very pretty flower of the moorlands of West Ardnamurchan, and is one of the few, along with the heathers, that are still blooming in profusion into October.  Its normal colour is a pale purple-blue, but....

....the shade can vary considerably, through to a rather deep purple.  It can also come in completely different colours.  For example....

....we found a rare white scabious near the Caim sheds back in September of last year - see report here.

Now we've found the species' other colour variation, pink.  This plant was growing on the flat land to the northeast of Achnaha.

Both the two colour variations were isolated plants growing near 'normal' coloured scabious.  One does wonder why these rare variants crop up without, apparently, surrounding themselves with young of the same colouration.

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