Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Taken last night at half-past ten on a 15-second exposure, this picture shows the Sound of Mull lit by a full moon.  The pinpoint of light is from the lighthouse at Rubha nan Gall on Mull.

The morning dawned grey and still, perfect conditions for....

....spotting dolphins off the Ormsaigbeg coast.  Despite the good runs of mackerel and sprats, this hasn't been a great year for dolphins, nor for basking sharks, despite early reports that large numbers were moving up the west coast.  Ian Ramon, whom many of you will know as your guide at the top of Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse, says he has never seen fewer.

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  1. The mackerel are plentiful here in Devon this year, too. Last evening, fishermen at Dawlish were catching a fish on every hook 10 feet out. With each wave, the fish were wriggling off the sea defence blocks back into the water.