Monday, 22 September 2014

Single-Track Roads

There are times when single-track roads are frustrating places.  We do a great deal of walking along them, which inconveniences passing cars, so I suppose we shouldn't complain when sheep also use them, particularly as these sheep are in Kilchoan township.  Kilchoan is an open township, in that animals are allowed to roam its unfenced areas, unlike Ormsaigbeg which is closed, meaning that they should either be within a field or out on the common grazings.

So we really can't complain when one of the Kilchoan crofters drives along the road waving an old fertiliser bag out of the car window, followed by a mob of sheep.  The reason her sheep follow an old fertiliser bag is that their food supplement is always brought to them in such a bag so, like Pavlov's dogs, they're conditioned.

However, we can complain when a driver decides that the road is his and won't give way, despite passing several police notices requiring him to use passing places to allow overtaking.  We've all suffered this frustration, and tried to keep our tempers, but there are times I wish we drove something really intimidating, like a Churchill tank.

In this case, we weren't immediately behind him so couldn't do the usual thing of flashing headlights, turning on orange indicators, sounding the horn, and waving out of the window.  The man in between us was far too polite.


  1. When was that top picture taken Jon? Those ewes look ready for lambing...
    Excellent site you have here. Keep up the good work.

  2. It was me !
    Joking I have noticed over the years we have been holidaying the driving is worse .
    I always pull over to let someone past , we have all day !