Monday, 29 September 2014

A Third Standing Stone?

There are two recognised standing stones on West Ardnamurchan.  One is at Branault.  It's one of a pair which stood close together, but the second was broken and removed, though its stump is still visible.  An earlier blog post about it is here.

A much more widely-known standing stone is on the flat land close to the water at Camas nan Geall.  Although the original stone probably dates to the Bronze Age, it has Christian symbols, a cross and a dog, carved on it which may date to around the time of St Columba's visit to the bay.

One of the most frustrating things about having an interest in archaeology is when one stumbles across something like this - a stone standing on its end which might, just might also be a standing stone.  It's right next to a natural outcrop of rock from which it might have been separated but, in these circumstances, one would have expected it to have fallen over.  It stands not far from the cairn of Mhuchdragain, on the old road between Camas nan Geall and Kilchoan.

The location of the new standing stone is shown on a map here.


  1. New stone...from your pic this looks like it has been carved.
    I seem to see a small fat figure..a baby???
    With an arm and hand at the side, a large head with a nose, an ear (too high up,)and eye looking downwards, over a fat very round tummy.
    Maybe it is like seeing shapes in clouds!
    All my imagination...or maybe not????

  2. Hi Sheila - we spent only a frew minutes at the stone as it was rather cold. It needs a much more detailed visit, something which the new archaeological group could possibly do. As to your suggestions, they may well be right. We'll see, and report back. Jon

  3. the stone at Camus Nan Geall marks the burial place of a Pictish King who before he died was converted to Christianity, a Dog was a sacred animal with the Picts