Tuesday, 16 September 2014

One Man and his Dog

When local prawn fisherman Justin Cameron sets out each day to check his creels, his year-old Highland-Patterdale terrier Norman goes with him.  At this time of year Justin's fishing boat is moored in Kilchoan Bay, so....

...it's a short and, in fine weather, a pleasant row out from the slipway....

....through the power boats and yachts....

....to Justin's creel boat, Harvester.

Justin is often out until late afternoon so this picture's just in case anyone wondered what a typical creel fisherman takes out for lunch.  Norman, presumably, enjoys a dish of live prawns.


  1. Love the pictures, weather looks great at the moment - better than it was in August. Wish I could swap my commute to work for Justin's.

  2. Wonderful pictures. Justin looks like he is enjoying himself immensely - and so does Norman