Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Sea Eagle Sightings

The number of sea eagle sightings seems to vary with the season, with far more in winter than summer.  As if to prove this, in the last few days, with the nights drawing in, we've had three good sightings, all of them by chance as we've gone about our daily business.

We saw a pair fly across the bay below the house yesterday evening about eight o'clock, heading west along the coast.  Then this one came by, heading in the same direction, at half past eight this morning.  We see quite a few passing along the coast, and have always assumed that they're flying back home to Mull.  Today's looked like a juvenile.

On Saturday, when we were out with other members of Ardnamurchan Community Archaeology at Camas nan Geall, we watched a pair, both adults, soaring high above the ridge at the back of the bay.  This is the third time we've seen sea eagles in the Camas area when out with the group.

The group was out walking along the line of the trench which was dug to take the peninsula's new superfast broadband cable, looking for artefacts.  This is the one place the cable leaves the road, and it crosses an area which has seen human habitation for at least 6,000 years.  It was a damp afternoon's work, and we found little of great interest.

Ardnamurchan Community Archaeology now has a Facebook group, run by member Wendy Macfadyen.  It's here.


  1. I am amazed that putting in a thin fibre optic cable has left such a scar.
    Time will soon heal it I guess.

  2. We don't understand why they left the road and cut down the hill and up the track on the east side. It can't have saved them much on distance. They don't seem to have done any damage to the archaeology except to break through two very old stone walls - and it would have been easy to replace the boulders of which they were formed - but they didn't.