Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Piglets Eaten

This is the last picture of the marauding piglets, on the loose along the Ormsaigbeg road and about to overturn our neighbour's dustbins.  Hughie rang on Saturday night to say he was moving them.  The Diary and Mrs Diary had begun to crack open a bottle of champagne when Hughie added, " the field behind your house."

The road is separated from our house by a substantial stone wall and a galvanised iron gate, all reinforced with razor wire; the vegetable garden at the back has nothing but thin wire between us and the unthinkable.

On Sunday morning we anxiously checked our vegetables for piglet damage.  They were untouched.  Betsy's old enclosure, a mass of mud, lay empty.  We went up the back and looked for piglets.  We hunted through bracken and brambles.  We couldn't find them.

Either Hughie's enjoying a Hughie joke, or the piglets are roaming free somewhere between here and the lighthouse, and will shortly be mugging old ladies on the lighthouse road, or the snake wasn't an adder but a boa constrictor.


  1. Perhaps they have gone off to think about setting up an independent piglet nation leaving behind many who marvel at their antics and admire their spirit(s)!
    Not being urged on by the Salmon(d) are they?
    Peter C

  2. Jon, the other week we pointed out hughie was digging his ditch in sanna to run all the way to kilchoan, he must of finished, so the pigs can roam freely and if they fancy the diaries veg plot or the bins it's tuff . Now hughie is in command of all he surveys. All the best terry &carol.

  3. He moved them very swiftly after I told him I was going to put a sign up on the campsite "Free Pork - eat all you can catch". TP