Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Still Weather

The barometer hasn't moved from 1015mbar for the last three days.  The air is still, the sea like slightly crumpled tinfoil, the sky often overcast.   But there have been enough breaks to let the sun through, as in this sunset photo from Ritchie Dinnes who lives in Kilmory.  The sun is setting further and further into the north, so soon we'll have some of Ritchie's best photos, as it sets over the Small Isles.

Rachael has sent in this photo which shows very well the sort of weather we've had.  It looks north from Ardnamurchan towards Eigg, Rum and Muck.

A yacht came in to the anchorage in Kilchoan Bay last night and left this morning shortly after the tide turned.

It's a sign of the changing seasons when we begin to see our local creel fishermen working in the Sound of Mull.  Their boats spend the winter moored at Camas Fearna, the bay this side of Glengbeg, while they fish the more protected waters of Loch Sunart, but Justin Cameron in his Harvester was laying creels just off the Ormsaigbeg shore this morning, and Alasdair MacLachlan's Emma-Maria was moored in Kilchoan Bay.

The common scurvy grass is in full flower around Kilchoan Bay this picture was taken from the jetty looking across the bay towards Ben Hiant.  The plant gets its name from the high content of vitamin C in its leaves, which were eaten to prevent scurvy.  Its Gaelic name is am maraiche, the sailor.

Many thanks to Ritchie and Rachael for the photographs.

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