Monday, 21 April 2014

Last Night's Skies

For those of us who were up in the early hours of this morning in response to two aurora alerts but who saw nothing in the northern skies, there were a couple of compensations.  The brightly-lit ship in Kilchoan Bay, its lights reflected in the still waters, was the Forth Jouster.  We're also coming up to the maximum of the Lyrid meteor display, so there was something going on in the skies, if not an aurora.

The Forth Jouster sailed out of the bay at half past seven this morning, just as the Tobermory ferry was coming across.  The day has dawned misty but with the promise of fine weather.  Yesterday's maximum temperature was a glorious 18C, and we're hoping for more of the same today.

The best site for local aurora activity is here.
Details of where to see the Lyrids, here.

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