Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Opportunities with the Community Garden

Seasonal Community Gardening Sessions:

With the new developments at the Community Garden we will be introducing a community gardening session on the first Wednesday of every month, from 2pm-5pm. These informal gatherings provide an opportunity to meet with others interested in gardening and to work and learn together under the direction of our expert gardeners, Anna and Hanno. Tasks will vary according to the season and there will be activities to suit different abilities. Most importantly we stop for a short break for tea and cake! They are a great way of informally picking up seasonal skills for growing your own food in a polytunnel and outdoors on the west coast of Scotland.

The first session, Seed sowing, is this Wednesday 2nd April at 2pm. We will be:

• Sowing seeds outdoors such as onion sets, broad beans and peas
• Sowing lettuce and salad leaf seeds in module trays for germination in the poly-tunnel
• planting out lettuce and salad leaves seedlings from module trays into poly-tunnel beds
• potting on brassica seedlings from module trays into pots.

Details of the monthly Community Gardening Session will be circulated in advance so if you want to join our mailing list, we can let you know what is planned so you can decide whether you would like to participate in a particular session. In the next few months these will include sowing seeds, potting on and planting out seedlings, removing crops that have finished and preparing ground for this seasons crops and much more.

Several folk come regularly so if you need a lift get in touch with Dale on 510322 or at dalemeegan@yahoo.com


Anna and Hanno have set up a Facebook page called Ardnamurchan Garden Produce. It will include regular posts about the vegetables being grown in the community garden and ‘veg bag’ information and recipes, as well as reminders about the monthly gardening afternoons. It’s a good way for to find out about what is going on at the community garden.


Having your own Garden Area:

In addition to the community gardening sessions, there are other opportunities for local people to benefit from the Community Garden by having their own dedicated and prepared outside raised bed or poly-tunnel bed. These are available to rent for a small annual fee. There is also some land available in the lower field for anyone who is keen to cultivate a new piece of land to start their own allotment.

‘Raised beds’ and poly-tunnel beds are limited and will need to be taken over by the end of April as beds not taken will be planted to ensure no ground is wasted for cultivation this year. If you are interested in any of these options please let us know as soon as possible.

Finally if other there are other small scale local producers who would like the opportunity to sell items from the Garden Stall, please get in touch. (Please note that items would need to not conflict with current items being sold).

For further information about any of these opportunities, please contact -
Ritchie Dinnes (Chair): 01972 510247 or at ritchie.dinnes@btinternet.com
Dale Meegan (Secretary): 01972 510322 or at dalmeegan@yahoo.com

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