Monday, 7 April 2014

A Quick Walk

Yesterday, the southeasterly which had been blowing fairly steadily for almost a week suddenly picked up and, by lunch time, was blowing a good force 6 and bringing in some heavy rain.  Then, very suddenly, it backed into the southwest, dropped, and allowed a watery sunshine to break through.  This gave us a chance to walk up the hill at the back.

Spring is slow in coming, but in the croft land at the back of the house the violets are out in numbers.  However, once into the hills....

....the only sign of the changing season was one very active lizard.  This picture shows one of the few small trees that survives on this steep, sheep-cropped hillside with, beyond it, Kilchoan Bay and Ben Hiant.

We're very fortunate to have this walk so readily available.  It's a steep climb, which really gets the blood pumping, and then, at the summit, there are views across the twin lochans to Beinn na Seilg and....

....through a gap in the hills to the Small Isles - that's Muck just visible on the horizon.  The lochan to the right is Lochan an Aodainn, near the Sonachan Hotel, and the white water visible on the north coast is breakers off Rubha Carrach.

We descended a little further to the east, so we looked down on the Ardnamurchan Campsite.  By that time the weather was changing again, with clouds rolling in. Just as we reached home, with an almost perfect sense of timing, the rain returned.

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