Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Ghosts in the Forest

Allyson Perkins, who live at Swordle, has sent the Diary these pictures of white deer.  She says, "We often see one on the edge of the forest above our house and had assumed it was a one-off, then on Friday during a walk up through the forest we saw two together. This was the first time we had actually seen two, and there appeared to be a youngster with them which was very dark in colour - it almost looked black but it could just have been the contrast between it and the white ones.

"I’m a very amateur photographer so didn’t manage to get a photo of them at first but later in the walk I had my camera at the ready when we came across a single white deer grazing on it’s own…presumably one of the first group we saw. If there are two of them maybe there are more?"

Many thanks to Allyson for the pictures.

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  1. It's one of our white fallow does.