Thursday, 24 April 2014

Exotic Species

For readers who are concerned about the lack of news of Betsy, here is a happy picture taken a few days ago of Hughie feeding Betsy and Bobby one morning, and giving Betsy the sort of love and attention she deserves.  What the Diary didn't appreciate at the time was that he was also giving her some bad news.  The details aren't fully clear yet, but it seems that the ordinary pigs will shortly be pork scratchings.

The Diary's suspicions were aroused when it received this picture this morning which, if readers look very closely, features Hughie feeding a small herd of deer, including a white deer, on a farm in the Cairngorms that specialises in exotic species.  Apparently the two Hughie was looking at were reindeer and.... Iron Age pigs.  The suggestion is that these will replace the more boring and mundane saddlebacks and old spots as they attract better money.  Amongst other things, the Iron Age pigs are small and cute, so Hughie can sell tourists bags of food to feed them, earning him a profit and, at the same time, saving him money on pig feed.

Many thanks to Kilchoan Early Bird for photo.

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  1. Jon I can assure you and the reads that Besty and Bobby are going nowhere and the iron age pigs can stay where they are.