Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pictures from a Morning's Gardening

This morning, the first swallows of the year landed on the power line which runs over the vegetable garden at the back of our house.  Far from seeming exhausted by their long journey from Africa, the two were very busy preening themselves.

The warmer weather has hardly started yet the strawberries, which seemed to have a hard winter from all the rain, are already preparing to flower.

We've already seen a couple of common lizards while walking in the hills, but this is the first I've managed to photograph.  He didn't have much choice as he had got himself trapped in a flower pot.

Then a skien of geese flew came from the direction of Kilchoan and flew out across the Sound before swinging back and heading northeast.  It was difficult to see against the light, but they were probably greylags.

Finally, P163, HMS Express, one of the Royal Navy's Archer-class P2000-type patrol boats, came out of Tobermory where she had spent the night and headed northwestwards out of the Sound.

In between times, a little gardening was done.

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  1. Wonderful to see that the swallows have made it back to Kilchoan.
    Such happy birds.
    Thanks for the picture.