Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lifeboat 'Shout'

This is the Tobermory lifeboat passing Ardmore Point light at just after half-past six yesterday evening going at a speed which, in the sort of weather we had, clearly indicated that she was in a hurry. The RNLI website, here, says that she was launched to take over from the Barra lifeboat which had been launched over seven hours previously to attend a ship, with eight crew on board, which had lost steerage and was drifting twenty miles west of the remote Skerryvore lighthouse in Force 6 winds.


  1. The ship in trouble is the Wilson Gdynia which had been at Corpach and has a cargo of wood chips from there. The rescue tug Balder Viking is on site now to (I presume) tow the WD to safety. They are just out of range on AIS so can't see exactly where they are.

    1. They have now appeared on AIS. Looks like Balder Viking has Wilson Gdynia in tow and destination is shown as Belfast. Presume all the crew are safe, which is the main thing.