Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A New Academic Year

With the new academic year heaving into view, the University of Kilchoan has been leafletting the area with a list of courses on offer at its campus during the next few months. The range is stunning, varying from hedge laying, marine engine maintenance, mower maintenance, sheep foot care, and dry stane dyking to street dance, yoga, jewellery making, quilting, manicure, cheese making, and vermin control - and there are grants available to help make sure that people can attend the courses they want.

There's something here for everyone, including several the Diary will be singing up for, yet Pat Glenday, our dynamic vice-chancellor, is still asking for more suggestions. This will shortly be the best-educated, best-skilled and most intelligent rural community in the whole wide world.

Contact Pat at pat.glenday@lochaber.uhi.ac.uk or on 01972 510 354.

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