Monday, 23 August 2010

Eric: Caught at Last

From Stewart & Judy Pote

Judy and I were out canoeing around the corner from Ormsaigbeg, had been out for a while and had caught several mackerel. We were on our way back when Judy saw a young seal a few yards in front of the canoe. It disappeared and within the same breath I said I had got something on the line.

The line I was fishing with was a crabline I had purchased that afternoon at the Ferry Stores to which I had attached some feathers. Whatever was on the line was pulling the canoe to one side, I was struggling to pull it in, Judy was helping by pulling the line bit by bit while I wound it onto the reel. There was a lot of line, it was nearly all out. Judy was panicking as she was convinced it was the seal and was sure we ought to cut the line to let it go. At this point we gave it a name ......ERIC .

Tony Kidd has lost big Eric several times, so we were convinced this was him! The fight was soon over. Eventually a large fish passed in front of our eyes. Yes it was Eric There was a lot of squealing and panic from Judy as I landed Eric into the canoe. I had to open the splash deck to slide him, none too gracefully, between my legs. And he was a whopper!

Eric was a pollock 24" long, and he weighed a hefty 6 lbs.


  1. What a load of "pollacks" Stuart what fishmonger did you buy the fish from? lol

  2. Good job Judy was with you or we would be saying it is was a 'WHOPPER', are you on Commission for the Ferry Stores? Lol

  3. Nice fish Stewart.would be good in a fish pie with some wild mushrooms.It's a good time of the year for them.I'm sure I saw a big one in Achnaha next to the new stobs.