Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Murphy's Return

This is Murphy.

Murphy lives in Kilchoan and, as you would expect of a cat from such a sought-after address, he is a gentleman of considerable wisdom and independence.

Murphy has just returned from holiday. Since Murphy doesn't believe in doing things by halves, he's been away for seven weeks. Unfortunately he failed to tell the people who 'do' for him at home - John and Jacqui Chapple - where he was going, and when he was due back, so they've been rather worried.

Last Thursday, Murphy reappeared. He graciously accepted the offer of a lift from Jane McNicol who found him standing by the side of the road on her way home from work. When she dropped him off at the Steading, Jacqui and John were amazed at how trim and healthy he looked.

Murphy, of course, was faintly puzzled by all the fuss that was made of him. However, grudgingly, he finally agreed that Jacqui and John, who run local business Steading Holidays, should celebrate his reappearance by providing their customers with a couple of outstanding special offers on houses available next week. They are here.

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