Wednesday, 14 December 2016

'Superfast' Broadband

Back in January 2015 Openreach contractors were installing the underground cable along the peninsula and across the Sound of Mull to Tobermory, and we were being told that superfast broadband would be connected to our exchange in September 2016. By the time September arrived, the date had been moved back to December, so in the slim hope that we might soon be connected....

....I checked the Highlands & Islands Enterprise website, which seemed to confirm that we would shortly be surfing the net at high speeds. However, when the additional link was selected.....

....the news wasn't so good.

To see if I could find an up-to-date date, I checked the Openreach website but it said we were 'In Scope'. Since I have no idea what this phrase means, and since it seems to come only second in the process and several steps before 'Build', I assume it means either we're somewhere on Openreach's distant horizon or that they've forgotten that they've already installed the cable.

I am the first to admit that I'm bad at searching the net, so if someone can find a website which gives a little more detail, I'd be very grateful for the link.


  1. Jon I emailed they responded very quickly with the following:

    "There is a cabinet planned for the Kilchoan Exchange area and all going well, we are expecting the cabinet to go live early next year. We have checked your address and you are under 1km from the cabinet, so you should be able to access fibre broadband when it is live.

    The way fibre broadband is generally delivered is that where there is a telecoms street cabinet BT Openreach build a new fibre cabinet next to it, run the fibre out to it, and connect the two together. The broadband then runs on the existing copper telephone line to people’s houses. Most premises within about 1km should then be able to receive a 'superfast service' (above 24mbps) and most within 2km should then be able to receive an uplift in service (above 10mbps). Unfortunately, with current technology the speed drops off very quickly and beyond 2.5km there is unlikely to be any uplift in service. However, BT are currently working on new technologies which could mean that fibre based broadband can be extended past the current 2km, or that a new cabinet type solution can be solution can be developed to take fibre out to much smaller groups of premises than are currently viable.

    Keep an eye on our website ( ) for updates, and more information on the programme."

    Frustrating that it's not an actual date but it's a bit better than "In Scope".

    Fingers crossed it won't be too long. Netflix over Christmas might be a struggle though.

  2. Many thanks, Michael. I followed the HIE link you give and it, once again, stated that the system should be running by the end of December. However, I haven't seen much sign of Openreach vans rushing around the place. We live in hope. Jon

  3. Just got another update from the helpful person at H&IE -

    "It should be through by March, but could come through earlier."

    Internet will be fine this Christmas as long as nobody under 25 is allowed to use it.

  4. Many thanks again, Michael. I'll put the HIE information on the blog. Jon