Saturday, 15 April 2017

Welcome Back!

The fir tree opposite the house was the centre of a flurry of house martins this morning, the first we've seen this year and a very welcome sight. They didn't hang around, so they're probably heading to their summer home further north. However, the first sand martins are already in residence in the quarry along the Sanna road.

Red polls have been reported from elsewhere on the peninsula so it was good to have the first visit of the year. Three came to the bird feeding station this morning and spent some time there, so we hope they'll settle near us for the summer.

The willow warblers have been back a week or so but this one is the first to allow a close enough approach for a picture. He was concentrating on other things, singing at the top of his voice while hopping from branch to branch.

We're now seeing this siskin pair fairly frequently so perhaps they have already made the decision to settle here. We like the way they see off the chaffinches who, having had the run of the place all winter, think they own the peanut feeders.

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