Sunday, 2 April 2017

More Year Firsts

Yesterday evening we had the first yacht of the year come in to anchor in Kilchoan Bay, while a few minutes earlier....

....we'd watched the first gannets wheeling over the Sound of Mull, but only a few of them and they didn't stay long.

There are new flocks of small birds fluttering around the croft fields, many of them returning after migrating south for the winter. I'm nervous of identifying small brown birds but this may be a meadow pipit.

On the beach at Bay MacNeil this morning we found the first coltsfoot in flower. It's an incredible plant, thriving very close to the high-tide mark in apparently barren, salt-soaked sand.


  1. Spot on, Jon - it is a Meadow Pipit :)

  2. Lovely photos! When we lived in Nova Scotia we always looked forward to the coltsfoot blooming. It was always the first flower we saw in Spring.