Monday, 3 April 2017

Sponsored Cycle Ride for Community Minibus

The community needs a new minibus, particularly for the use of the Primary School, and a campaign has been started to raise the £40,000 needed to buy the new bus, build a garage, and maintain it for the first year.

Rising to this challenge, Justin Cameron (left) and Nicky Docherty are doing a sponsored cycle ride from Keith Inch, the most easterly point of the Scottish mainland, to Ardnamurchan Point, the most westerly.

The route covers over 300 miles of tough riding, and they plan to complete it is just three days, starting on 5th June. To prepare for this, they have been training hard on the local roads but it's been hard work: so far, the potholes have destroyed two back wheels.

You can follow them on Facebook here, and a donation can be made at their JustGiving site here.

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