Friday, 14 April 2017

Thank You!

A very warm 'thank you!' to all the readers who wrote comments on yesterday's post about our putting the house on the market. A number of you were concerned about this blog. Please rest assured that it will continue until we leave the area - which may be some time - and that, before we go, I will do my best to persuade someone to take it on.

In the meanwhile it is business as usual, so this picture was taken this morning of the song thrush's nest which is sitting on top of our daughter's surf board under the lean-to at the back of the house. She is currently off surfing somewhere near Thurso, on a borrowed board.

We first noticed the nest on the 31st March - see post here - and the incubation period for song thrush eggs is 13 to 15 days, so the chicks should be hatching at any time.

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  1. I commented on your previous day but for some reason it didn't publish. So sorry to hear you are going, I hope it'll be to somewhere nice (although what could be nicer than where you are now)and that you will continue your blog from wherever you are. We'll all miss our daily dose of Ardnamurchan with your lovely walks and community news, but hopefully somebody will take it over. I wish you both the very best, you will be sadly missed, and by the way, your home is my dream house but I shall have to dream on I'm afraid! Any idea where you're going yet?