Thursday, 6 April 2017

Joint Warrior Ends

With this spring's Joint Warrior exercise coming to an end, some of the participating ships have been moving south through the Sound of Mull. The first ship through last night was M110, HMS Ramsey, a Sandown Class minehunter which we've seen several times before. She's seen passing the Hebridean Princess, which was anchored for the night in Bloody Bay.

She was followed by the German Navy's FGS Siegburg, M109, a Type 352 Ensdorf class minesweeper.

A433 is the Estonian Navy's EML Wambola, an auxiliary of the Lindormen class. She was pictured anchored off Sanna a week ago - story here.

Last to pass us, in fading light, was M860, HNLMS Schiedam of the Royal Netherlands Navy, a minehunter.

Earlier, this Dassault Falcon-20C, G-FRAT, of Cobham Aviation Services flew low overhead. I assume that the 'plane is part of Joint Warrior, perhaps carrying the admirals who are in charge.


  1. Cobham Aviation Services (Used to be FRA, hence the reg), use these stripped out business jets to help train the ships crews. The pods under the wings are for jamming and other things.

    They can also simulate missile attacks using Hawk jets.

  2. Very interesting - many thanks. Jon