Wednesday, 5 April 2017


The Raptor was sitting at this bench at the end of Ormsaigbeg yesterday, admiring the view, when his dog, Callan, became very alert. The Raptor writes, "Callan was staring at the pile of rocks just below us....

"....when suddenly I saw this darting figure moving very quickly through the loose rocks. It was then a game of wait and watch, and after a while of trying to make a noise that sounded like a rabbit in distress, until finally a wee head then appeared looking very quizzical.

"The weasel hung around long enough for me to catch these pictures."

Many thanks to the Raptor for story and pictures.


  1. Definitely a weasel as they are quite weasily identified. The stoat of course is stoatally different.

  2. The stoat is easil-
    -y Told from the weasel
    By the simple fact
    That his tail is blacked
    And his figure
    Is slightly the bigger