Thursday, 6 April 2017

Firecrest's Fire Extinguished

The Raptor, who sent the Diary this picture, says, "I can't make a decision on this," but it does look very much like a firecrest. if it is, then it's a very unusual visitor to this part of the world as, in Britain, they're supposed to be confined to the South of England, the Southwest and East Anglia. It may be a goldcrest, which are very similar and, while they are far from common, they do occur here.

The Raptor is upset because it was brought in by his cat, Henry. Since it was already in a slightly decomposed state, the Raptor would like to think it wasn't Henry who may have eliminated a very rare bird.

Many thanks to Henry for drawing our attention to this bird, and.... the Raptor for taking the picture.


  1. I hope The Raptor feels a little less upset to know that it is "only" a Goldcrest! A Firecrest would have a white stripe above the eyes.

  2. Many thanks Steve. Sad for the little goldcrest but I'm relieved that it isn't western Scotland's only firecrest! Jon

  3. We're stopping at Oran Na Mara and my brother went outside yesterday to find a goldcrest on it's back. Assumed it had down into the porch window. It righted itself but just stood there looking up at him. It did fly off though when picked up.

  4. So pleased it recovered. They're not that common here so we need every one we have! Jon