Wednesday, 30 November 2016

St Comghan's Wall Completed

Earlier this month stonemason Damian (left), ably assisted by Richard, were working on the fallen east wall in St Comghan's graveyard, a collapse mainly caused by roots from the pine trees which had grown under and destabilised it. Dave Cash, who owns the surrounding land, had very kindly cut down the trees, but....

....Damian and Richard had to spend some time taking part of the wall down so they could remove the offending roots. The job is now complete.

As part of their work, Damian and Richard have reinstalled the metal posts which run along the top of the wall and which carry wires to discourage domestic animals, particularly the local sheep, some of which are very agile, from jumping the wall. However, the wire won't keep the deer out, of which there are increasing numbers coming down into the croft lands.

The next job is to replace the existing broken, rusty wire. Highland Council, which owns the site, has provided the necessary wire and radisseurs, but it's a job which AHHA, the local heritage society, will have to do. If anyone is prepared to help, please get in touch with me.

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