Saturday, 26 November 2016


Bandit's mother travelled all the way up from Suffolk to live with us and, at far too young an age, met and had a torrid affair with a rather wild, dark, local tom, by whom she had five kittens, one of which, Bandit, we kept.  Bandit lived with us for eighteen years, a very independent cat who occasionally went missing, disliked strangers, was....

....a fearsome mouser, caught all the wrong birds - like the only goldcrest we'd seen in years - was never ill - she was only taken to the vet once, to be spayed - and was deeply affectionate with the few privileged humans she chose to love.

Bandit died on Thursday as she would have wished to, very quietly, with no fuss, still purring whenever she was stroked. Had she had her way she would have died alone under a bush but was found and brought indoors so she would be with us.

At night, we lie in bed and listen to the mice partying in the roof.


  1. So sad to lose a beloved cat. The house will seem very quiet - apart from the mice of course!

  2. RIP Bandit, go mouse by the Rainbow Bridge 🌈

  3. Very sad to hear of the death of your feline companion of so many years. You'll meet again beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

  4. Over here, for barns and similar buildings, there are very efficient rat zappers which are great for all rodents. Not nearly as nice as a cat of course but a lot easier to operate than a snap trap (which should be tied down to prevent it disappearing with a victim into a dark hole). So far I've "caught" 18 since June. It is very effective although it doesn't purr.

  5. The feelings of your loss are with us. Time is a great healer.
    As for the mice, get a Corn snake and your mice in the roof will be history !

  6. I am so pleased that Bandit died with those that loved her so much and not alone under that bush.
    You will miss her very much.