Saturday, 5 November 2016

A Clear Night

After a fine day yesterday we were treated to a suitably warm sunset, this picture taken by Rachael from the road just this side of Glenborrodale Castle, and.... the sky darkened, a first sight of the new moon. My mother, a good Christian but equally superstitious, maintained that it was extremely bad luck to see the new moon for the first time through glass, and very good luck if one bowed to it seven times - which, of course, I did - and only then took the photograph through the camera's glass lenses.

The sky remained brilliantly clear all night. I made regular checks of the various aurora sites in the hope that we might see a display, without any luck, but we were rewarded with a text-book sunrise over Morvern, with rays exploding upwards into a clear sky.

I lingered by the window for some time in the hope that an eagle would silhouette itself against the light and give me a photo I could sell for vast sums, but the only birds that obliged were a couple of chaffinches.

A sunny morning gave us a chance to finish the last of the pre-winter jobs in the garden, so we cleared  tomato vines out of the greenhouse and, in pulling up the courgettes which, this year, were grown without the use of glass, found one last fruit which we'll enjoy with supper this evening.

Many thanks to Rachael for the photo.

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